Hello everybody!

I am Armando Solipaca founder and director of Passeggiate Romane (Roman Walks) –, a team of Roman native licensed guides, with a great passion and pride for Rome and the best expertise in touring people in the “Eternal City” and its wonderful surroundings.
After 20 years of experience in giving tours we specialized in private tours for small parties, families and couples. We’ll provide you with a great summary of some 27 centuries of history Rome boasts, telling you about the pagans and the Christians, the art and the archaeology, the past and the present, the local culture and every day life, to make you feel as all is inextricably combined. I am sure you heard that all roads lead to Rome, so whenever you plan to get in here contact us and we’ll be happy to show you this amazing City.

Arrivederci a Roma,

Armando Solipaca

Passeggiate Romane,

Via Ugo Botti, 38 – 00054 Fiumicino, Roma

phone: +39 0645423195

mobile: +39 3355212536

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